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Vintage Drums

Vintage drums have been experiencing a renaissance for a few years. The reasons for this are on the one hand the current trend awareness of some genres like Jazz, Stoner / Psych and Post Rock…. and on the other hand also the fantastic sound of these instruments. If you are lucky and can buy a well-preserved piece, this is something special.

The sound of the good old days?

Very often, however, the shells are distorted due to their age and a round shell with good bearing edges is rather rare. Considering that a set from the 60-70s has been around for 50 years, it’s not surprising. Not to mention the storage conditions until the day you buy the vintage drums. That doesn’t mean you can’t get good vintage drums, quite the opposite, but you should take a good look at the sets before you pay a lot of money for a 50 year old set.

Lynx Vintage Drums

The reason for the birth of this series lies in the desire for authentic vintage drums in relation to the sound of the shells.
The 3-layer shells are produced in Italy in the old vintage style and revive the flair of the good old days in new splendour. For the Reference Series, I’m working with a friend from Italy. His father used to make drums (in the 50s – 70s). The very! robust shellpress still works perfectly and is used again for the production of these dreamlike sounding drums.

Choose from Ahron, Mahogany, Zebrano, Oak, Chestnut, Poplar, Bubinga and Wenge. Others, of course, on request.
Die Kessel bekommt man ab 6″ bis 30″ in allen gängigen Tiefen.

The shells are available from 6″ to 30″ in all common depths.

The special feature of this wonderful shell is its construction with thick veneers, each 2 mm thick. A snare drum needs only three layers of wood instead of the usual 6-8 layers. If you consider that between each layer of wood there is glue over the whole surface, you will soon realize that a considerable part of a 6-8 layered drum is made of plastic. With the drums of the Lynx Vintage Drums there are only two (Tom/Snare) or three boundaries which are glued with bone glue together.